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I'm so delighted that you are visiting me today. My scents will help create ambience to your home and work space.

A little bit about Bridges Candle Co

Bridges Candle Co was established in Springfield, Illinois in July 2021. I create small batch, hand-poured Soy blend candles and wax melts.

  • How long should I burn my candle?

    When you first light a candle, burn it for at least two to three hours.

    This will ensure that your candle wax melts evenly to the edge, as well as when it gets near to the bottom of the candle and to prevent tunnelling.

    Tunnelling is when a candle doesn't burn evenly and so it creates a hole or 'tunnel' in the center of candle. 

  • Is trimming my candle wick important??

    Plain and simple... YES! You should always trim your wick to around a quarter inch. This will help the wick to burn down at a steady speed.
    Not doing so will lead to your wick "mushrooming", which prohibits your wick from burning properly.

  • What is a "Power Burn" and why is it bad?

    A Power Burn is when a candle is lit and left to burn for several hours. Power Burns are not conducive to the way fragrance works in wax.
    Have you ever had a candle and you felt it lost its scent once it was half-way or more burned away? You probably unconsciously did a power burn and burned your fragrance away.
    Keep your burn time at 4 hours, each burn, to ensure your fragrance stay as vibrant as the day you first lit it.

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